Information to Gather Before The Meeting

Before you attend the IEP meeting you'll want to collect the following information:

From Your Child

How does he/she feel about school?

What troubles or problems is she/he having at school?

What does he/she want to improve at school?

If you want your child to attend the IEP meeting, ask you child how he/she feels about attending.

If the answer is yes, explain what will happen at the IEP meeting and who will attend the meeting.

From Your Child's School

Call the school and ask to set up a meeting with your child’s teacher. At the meeting ask the following questions:

How is my child doing in your class?

How is she/he doing in math?
Other classes?

How does my child behave toward you (the teacher) and towards other children in the classroom and outside?

From Yourself

What goals do have for your child for this (next) school year?

What specific objects can you think of to reach the goals?

What placement do you think is right for your child?

Regular school
Special Education School
Non Public School
Residential care

What other questions do you have that you want to have answered at the IEP meeting?