Records You Keep And Records You Need To Create

General suggestions

Keep records chronologically, with the most recent on top of each folder or section of a 3 ring binder.

Separate folders for each section of you records is a good idea.

Records you should keep in separate files

Copies of all of your child’s school records including the cumulative file, health file, confidential file, psychological file and any other records the school district has about your child, with of without, your child’s name on it in the possession of anyone at the school district or Special Educational Local Plan Area (SPELA).

Report Cards.

Copies of test results and recommendations from independent assessments.

All written (including handwritten) letters and notes to and from school personnel. Make copies to keep of notes or letters you write to the school or school district.

All written letters and notes with outside professionals regarding your child’s unique needs. Again, make copies for your records of notes or letters you write to these people.

Records you create in separate files

General information about your child and child’s school. (click here for sample form)

Notes you take in conversations with your child’s doctors or other professionals who see your child.

Notes you take on parent/teacher conferences and notes from meetings with other school personnel.

Notes on all telephone conversations with school personnel or others regarding your child.

A list of medications being given to your child at home and at school as proscribed by your child’s doctor(s). Include the kind of medication, times and dosage information.  In addition, note the Rx numbers, as well as any changes in the dosage or reaction.